Dancer Dress Velvet Sky
Dancer Dress Velvet Sky

Dancer Dress Velvet Sky

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There is something so surreal about being different, of being the odd one out, as in the prettiest in the room. It sounds a bit vain, but kinda true. We all have that inkling of a desire, to stand taller amongst the crowd. Well, here's a little comfort, your secret is safe with me. See the photos below, this dress speaks for itself. It is the Tango of Dresses. It's like you've been waiting for something your whole life, and just never knew what it was. Well, luckily for you, we found it! 

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Xoxo Ava Lea

Care: Dry Clean Only,

Note: Always Steam delicate garments inside out, so as not to get any water stains on them.



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