Maxi Flair Velvet Skirt

Maxi Flair Velvet Skirt

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The Maxi Flair Velvet Skirt is rich, long and super chic. The full skirt is stretch matte velvet and the length is down to your shoes. So weather you are casual or lounging, this Double Jinx skirt will be an amazing part of your comfort. 


Care information: Wash inside out on a Cold gentle cycle. Do NOT Tumble dry, Dry flat, Wash with like fabrics and colors.

ALWAYS wash new garments that have multiple colors with  1 Cup of Vinegar or  1/2 Cup of Salt to set the colors. This will make sure the colors do not run into each other, In addition you can wash with a Shout Color-Catcher Sheets- this will trap extraneous dyes and prevent color bleeding



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