Banded Waist Skirt Navy
Banded Waist Skirt Navy

Banded Waist Skirt Navy

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Style never looked so good. Honestly, we have to humbly admit it, this banded number is surreal! Seriously a summer must have. Easy to wear, even easier to pair. This skirt will make you dressed, yet leave you feeling like you could roll down the grassy hill, and win anyone that dares to race you! Imagine feeling the freedom of casualness yet looking super chic, like you could go to any event and totally rock it! Well you can! And only, because we love you!!


Xoxo Ava Lea


Care information: Gentle wash on cold with like colors and fabrics (add salt for first wash to settle colors. - grandma's trick of not letting colors run) hang to dry. Do not Tumble Dry. 



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