Our Brand

We are a refreshing perspective on all things couture. Glamour gone wild and Elegance done right. "At Ava Lea Couture every girl is a Princess and every woman a Queen." Our Collections are a symbolic play on Urban Chic, Comfort and Class, Originality with Practicality. We know what the busy girl wants to wear, while looking the way she wants to appear. We are ready for every milestone of your life. With Ava Lea you're dressed like you've got somewhere to be.  At  AVA LEA we are wild about YOU, LIFE and ADVENTURE.

As the AVA LEA woman, You are Chic, Energetic and Beautiful. Glamorous and Practical, Admirable yet Relate-able, you are Strong, Confident and have a great laugh. Your smile is your biggest asset. You are kind and truly unique.

Our woman is a trendsetter. She’s ambitious, proud and very talented. She balances a tremendous schedule, handling everything with ease. She moves around as if on a dance floor. When she walks into a room, she sets an irresistible atmosphere of happiness, calm and good cheer. When she exits, she leaves her imprint behind.

As a representative of the AVA LEA woman, we pride ourselves in our workmanship and consistency. We are founded on honesty and integrity. Our love for nature, health and positivity keeps us inspired. We are not just any Brand, we're Your Brand.  Located in Miami Beach, Florida, the sunshine pours through our Studio and keeps the inspiration endless. We bring you the highest of Fashion, Style and Art. Our clothes will do more than just fill your closet, they will Sustain your Spirit. 


XOXO Ava Lea 



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